Wurly 206A sustain pedal electronic 'click'

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Wurly 206A sustain pedal electronic 'click'

Postby micintore on Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:49 am

Hi Gents

Thanks in advance if you can help with this at all. I am experiencing a low level electronic 'click' in the audio output each time the sustain pedal is pressed, and again on release. The pedal does not need to be fully pressed down, just a small amount of pressure will do it.

It sounds like some kind of earth connection being broken, and then re-connecting as the pedal is released. Not such a problem when running through an amp, but when recording the piano with a DI (this is a studio piano) it the clearly audible.

BTW I am in Australia running on 240v mains.

Other than this minor issue the piano works a treat.

Again, any help appreciated.


Neil Thomason
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