Wurlitzer 206 with Radio Interference

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Wurlitzer 206 with Radio Interference

Postby bcarter on Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:18 pm

Hi there Greg...

I have a Wurlitzer 206 (not 206A) model with a chronic radio interference problem. I am picking up a local top 40's radio station in my area. I have done some research already and I have heard that (on the 200 anyway) you can put 470-680 pf capacitors across TR1, TR2, and TR3 and solve the problem. Others have recommended the Hiss Kit from Vintage Vibe.

Can you make any recommendations on how I can solve this? Also, if you have any pictures on a solution, I would greatly appreciate it - I don't want to solder something to the wrong spot. If the hiss kit is the way to go, that is fine with me.

Thanks so much!
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