wurlitzer 200a no sound. any troubleshooting advice?

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wurlitzer 200a no sound. any troubleshooting advice?

Postby alex on Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:42 pm


I have a wurlitzer 200a and not sure what happened, but it just stopped making sound. It might have been from me moving it or possibly it sat in a window with a lot of direct sunlight and maybe did something to it. Anyway, it powers on and the light comes on. I also hear the slight hum through the speakers, so I know the speakers are working. As I adjust the volume upwards, the hum from the speakers gets louder, just like it normally does before you play the keys, only now, when I play the keys, no amplified sound comes out.

I tried the general troubleshooting steps: I checked for cracked preamp, loose wires, burn marks on the board, shorted fuse, reeds touching the reed bar and any other lead filaments that might be touching the reed bar, but didn't notice anything. I also checked the aux out and didn't get any sound.

Before ordering a bunch of parts, I want to isolate the problem, so I don't waste time and money, changing out things that don't need repaired.

My question is where to begin troubleshooting. Is this most likely a preamp issue that can be resolved by ordering a new preamp? Would a bad resistor, capacitor or transistor be a culprit?

I don't have access to any multi meters and really don't know much about using this type of equipment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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