Wurlitzer 112 reed replacement

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Wurlitzer 112 reed replacement

Postby Pianohead on Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:36 pm

I have recently acquired a Wurlitzer 112 for my writing / project studio. Due to its (age 55+ years) OEM reeds seem to be no longer available. I would like to capture its fantastic warm tone in my recordings but I know from my experience with wurlis... when you dig in reeds can break (especially if they are as old as this vintage piece). I would like to find a way to keep some basic reeds on hand in case I break one during a session.

What kind of problems might I have if I try to use wurlitzer 120 reeds for replacements? They seem to be the oldest model still available. Can they be modified in some way to be better for the 112. Any advise and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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