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Vox Continental Super II

Postby bjornviggo on Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:52 am

I have an english grey continental super II with percussion. I just bought it, and i have never played any other connies, so i am not that familier with it yet. They are pretty rare over here (norway).

Some notes dont play very well, and this is the standard bias pot problem on the oscillator cards as far as i can tell. So i am going to order some new ones and get it fixed.

But it also some other issues.

When i turn on the vibrato i can hear that there is some vibrato there, but it is very subtle. It looks like the vibrato board ( i dont have it in front of me) also has a (bias-) pot. Is it plausable that replacing this will fix the vibrato? Is it the same pot as the oscillator board ones?

If i turn of all the drawbars and then turn on the percussion i can hear that there is a percussion tone present. But it is very low in volume! Even if i play with a drawbar setting with just low pipes, i cant really here the percussion at all. Not like a hammond. Are there a way to adjust the percussion level, or how do i fix this problem?
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