That darn yarn

Tech Questions Regarding the Hohner Clavinet and Pianet.

That darn yarn

Postby Dave Smith on Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:18 pm


I'm struggling with re-yarning my beloved clav, which was in need of some TLC.

Can anyone give me some tips?

I reyarned the whole damn thing with 4 ply 100% acrylic and there was considerable 'after-ringing' going on - especially on the bass strings. I know that your supposed to use 100% polyester 3 ply but, strangely, I just can't find any of the stuff here in the UK.

Is it really that important to use the 100% polyester? Does the thickness of the yarn matter? Can't I just use a bit more yarn here and there as needed?

Any help might save me alot of time and fustration.

Dave Smith
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