Speaker impedence for Rhodes 88 Suitcase

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Speaker impedence for Rhodes 88 Suitcase

Postby tom on Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:46 pm

Hello all,
I am at the near completion point of an 88 Suitcase rebuild, with the speakers being rebuilt the final step. The question is: what is "within tolerance" of the voice coils of the spreakers for a rebuild? The postings on V.V. as well as other Rhodes sites report that the resistance across the coils should be 8 Ohms for one pair, and 32 Ohms for the other. Now, when I picked up the speakers, the resistances measured in at 6 and 20 Ohms per pair. The fellow behind the counter at the shop reported that these measurements were "within tolerance".
Now, this leads to more questions:
1) How factual is this statement? I know nothing about rebuild specs of old fender speakers.
2.0) Can I use them as they are? Wiring them into the cabinet as per instrustions (thanks V.V.) will yield 12 and 10 Ohms circuits, when the cabinet is designed to have 16 and 16 Ohms circuits.
2.1) Will using them as they are lead to more problems, such as another expensive 4 speaker rebuild, or an even more expensive Power Supply Block rebuild due to the resistance mis-match?
2.2) Will using them as they are cause tonal changes that can be heard due the resistance mis-match?
Well, I believe that is enough questions for now. I can always come uop with more later.
Thanks to one and all,
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