Shaping solder on wurlitzer reeds

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Shaping solder on wurlitzer reeds

Postby Pianohead on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:52 am

Hello Wurli Players,
I recently picked up a Vintage Wurlitzer 112. I was fortunate to find one in great condition with all original parts and faster action than any Wurli I have ever played.
I came up with a method for tuning the reeds that makes tuning this unfriendly service monster a bit easier. I created a long cord that connects the reed assembly to the amplifier. This allows me to remove the assembly, rotate it, bottom facing up, and tune the reeds. I tap the reeds with a screwdriver at the place where the hammer strikes to sound the note. Perhaps this is what other techs have been doing, but this is a new method for me. The results have been good...BUT....
There are four notes in the c4 octave (the heart of the piano) that ring out louder than the rest.
I have tried adjusting the proximity to the pick-up without success. There is only barely a millimeter to play with. The velocity of the hammer strike does not seem to make a difference either. My next thought, and the reason for this post, is that perhaps the shape of the solder on these reeds has become deformed and has affected their tone.
CAN ANYONE WITH MORE EXPERIENCE THAN MYSELF ADVISE ME ON THIS PHENOMENA? Also, if there are any users of the "add-a-vibe" vibrato mod would you share your comments on this device and its installation. Thanks!
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