Shaping solder on wurlitzer reeds

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Shaping solder on wurlitzer reeds

Postby Pianohead on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:23 am

Hello wurli players,
I have been working on a vintage wurlitzer 112 that I picked up recently. I was fortunate to find one in great condition. All notes are original and working and the action is faster than any wurli I have ever played. I have come up with a method for tuning this unfriendly service monster that seems to make it a bit easier. I created a long cord to connect the 1 piece reed assembly to the amplifier. This allows me to remove the entire assembly, rotate it bottom facing upward and tune the reeds. I use a screw driver to tap each reed at the same location as the hammer strike. Perhaps this is what most other techs have been doing but it is a new method for me.
Where I need some advise is in adjusting the volume of individual reeds. There are four notes in the C4 octave (the heart of the piano) that are noticably louder than the rest. I have tried adjusting the proximity to the pickup without success. There is barely a millimeter to play with there. The velocity of the hammer strike does not seem to make much difference either.
I thought perhaps these are reeds that don't match the original OEM reeds, but they appear to be the same size and color as all the rest.
My next thought and the reason for my post is that maybe the solder has become deformed and has affected the tone of the reed.
Can anyone with more experience than myself give me some advice on this phenomena. Also if there are any users of the "add a vibe" vibrato mod I would appreciate comments on that too. Thanks :?:
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