[Rhodes Stereo Vibe Issue]

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[Rhodes Stereo Vibe Issue]

Postby famouslondon on Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:11 pm


We just got our Stereo Vibe a few days ago, and when we went to install it last night, we couldn't get any signal to pass through it.

We confirmed that everything is okay with the harp (we hooked the old passive pots back up and it ran signal fine). In fact, when we run signal directly out of the Effects Send, we get passive signal that way as well---so the new harp cable and that jack both work fine.

The two red lights and green light all are lit, and are not dim or bright (although, to be fair, we're not sure relative to what the brightness should be measured). So the unit's successfully getting power.

We took the mod back off and checked the cheek block and the amp board. Nothing seemed loose or bent.

At this point we're thinking it's something wrong with the multi-pin grey cable or the board itself. Again, everything was packed immaculately and nothing seems damaged...but damned if we can get signal to pass.

We've worked on this Rhodes and our Wurli and our Clav and Pianet many times in the past, both its mechanical aspects as well as the electronics. So while it's possible we did something wrong in the installation, we're pretty sure we didn't.

Anyone else have this problem? Any other ideas as to how to test the cable and board?


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