Rescued Wurly 200 - Want to restore

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Rescued Wurly 200 - Want to restore

Postby popomatic1970 on Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:05 pm

Last weekend I got my hands on a black Wurlitzer 200 that must have been sitting in someone's basement for the past 20+ years. It was sitting there curbside, in front of a recently-moved out neighbor's house.

The amp works, little bit of hum, the sustain pedal works, legs are solid, keys/tops are intact, no sparks or smoke when it's powered up (always a good thing) but the poor thing is in need of some serious TLC (the action is horrible, maybe some bad reeds).

I am moderately mechanical, can put together a computer, manage minor household repairs, etc.

I'm thinking of ordering the restoration video and taking on at least part of the resto work myself. The question is "when" to bring in a professional. Is it fairly straightforward to take the amp off, and begin taking apart the keyboard. What would you say the skill level is required to replace broken reeds, and restore the action? (keys / bushings look fairly straightforward to clean)

I live up in Boston, so getting the Wurly to NJ would be a bit problematic. I wouldn't tackle amp resto work myself (would engage one of my electronics geek friends to do it) but I'd like to get an idea about the mechanical stuff before I dive in. I'm thinking of this as a "project car" - where I'm going to do a little bit at a time, and hire appropriately clueful folks to do the work I'm too much of a noob to handle myself.

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