Problem with VintageVibe tolex glue

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Problem with VintageVibe tolex glue

Postby shmuelyosef on Fri May 21, 2010 9:34 pm

.....if I had any hair, I'd be tearing it out.

Just for background...I have worked with my hands for >40 years on a variety of things. Been a machinist and custom furniture builder, and repair woodwind instruments on the side.

Bought a Stage 73 that had been dropped about six months ago. Case was busted but piano was still mountable on the base. Got the piano tweaked to perfection (been playing and maintaining my own Rhodes since 1975).

Decided to build a new case...came out real nice; finger joint corners, Dyno style semi-permanent half lid...made some nice walnut cheek blocks that look cool...destined for a permanent home in my studio.

Decided to tolex it...bought tolex and a couple quarts of contact cement from VintageVibe. Found these instructions at the VintageVibe site:
VintageVibe wrote:

Tolex Glue:

Water based, this is the best glue you could ever want for your professional tolexing. You can brush it, roll it, or spray it on. This glue can go on and be repositioned a week later if you want, you can cover your tolex and leave it alone for days and come back and still apply it on your cabinet. No more toxic fumes, this glue gives you all the time in the world to get the job done right.

stage rhodes 1-2 quarts

....sounds pretty simple

Started the tolexing yesterday. Mixed the glue by shaking vigorously and then letting the bubbles settle out like latex paint. Started with the main case sides, first one went well following the corner process on the YouTube video. Second one had a little problem getting the glue to stick, but a lot of pressure and rubbing fixed the problem, although I used a couple of furniture tacks and real contact cement for the fold over tabs and corners on the inside.

Today I confidently brushed the glue on the remainder of the case and the large piece, let it dry 30 minutes like they suggested on the web site. Couldn't get anything to stick at all. Both sides feel tacky, but they just don't adhere to each other except a few small spots here and there. Tried a second thin coat of glue and shorter dry...then waited longer...still same thing. Nothing sticks.

Any advice or prior experience with this glue? Do I need to strip everything and rescrape the cabinet? The glue is sticking well to the wood and the tolex...the remaining (tacky-feeling) surface just doesn't stick to the other one...
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Re: Problem with VintageVibe tolex glue

Postby Zenimo on Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:17 am

I had exactly the same problem!

The solution is to warm up the tolex with a hairdryer, not too hot, and positioning the pieces while is cooling. Once is cooled, the glue will stick as hell.

The warming is also useful to stretch a little the tolex to fit better (like for the inner lid part).

Good Luck!
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