Oberheim OB8 key clacking - anyway to fix?

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Oberheim OB8 key clacking - anyway to fix?

Postby Mike T on Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:33 am

I have an OB8 with the springy keyboard (not the Pratt/Read version). It's so noisy and clacky when being played - in fact it's so loud on the key return that it resonates the entire chassis...

I'd almost rather be using a Pratt/Read keyboard because it feels more substantial, but because that's not an option, do you know of a way to reduce the noise on these keyboards and/or restore them so they play a little better? Or is this particular keyboard a lost cause? I am reluctant to take it apart and figure it out for myself until I have an idea on how the keys are designed and I can't find anything online related to it.
Mike T
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