Loss of power. Ace Tone Top 5.

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Loss of power. Ace Tone Top 5.

Postby radioclash on Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:40 am

Hi there.

I have an Ace Tone Top 5 combo organ. I purchased it about 3 weeks ago, and it is in showroom condition. It looks and plays like it has only about an hour's worth of play on it.

I have been using it for rehearsal and gigs since I bought it, and a couple days ago, it lost power in the middle of a rehearsal. Power light was out. I checked the outlet and changed over to another one, but that didn't remedy the problem.

I pulled the fuse on it, and while it doesn't look blown, it is probably the original factory fuse. It was pretty warm and humid in our rehearsal studio when it went out, but I don't know if that would affect it.

I am really uneducated as far as electronics go. The fuse that I pulled from it is a 0.2A fuse. I have only been able to find 0.25A fuses to replace it. Will this work or will it damage my organ? I bought a packet of replacements, but have not tested it, and wanted an educated opinion before I go plugging in new fuses and flipping switches.

Any help is appreciated.


Brooklyn, NYC


Here is a photo of the Ace Tone Top 5 I've got. In action, last weekend.

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