Issues with Front Panel Effect Loop on a Mark II Suitcase

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Issues with Front Panel Effect Loop on a Mark II Suitcase

Postby Cdim7 on Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:21 pm

Good day to you, keyboard nerds. (Self-inclusive.) I am having an issue with the front-panel Input/Output mechanism on my 1979 Rhodes Mark II Suitecase.

I acquired this machine a couple of weeks ago and it plays (mostly) like a dream. Some hammer repair and tine adjustment required, but in general working condition. After playing it for a day or two, I wanted to try some effects on it. I used the front panel I/O to hook up a Morley Wah pedal. It worked for approximately two seconds before the light on the pedal dimmed and the effect stopped working. Trying the pedal with a different cable, instrument, and amp, I determined it to be dead forever. (It was old. Not that sad about it.) A couple of days later, I daisy-chained a pair of effect pedals through the same I/O--this time a chorus and a phaser. After a day or two of working fine, both pedals suffered the same fate as my Wah. They're both completely dead, even with a different instrument, cable, battery, and amplifier.

My question is this: why is my Rhodes destroying effects pedals? It seems like it's an electrical issue, but am I doing something wrong? Is the front-panel output not sending a line-level signal? Should I bother to use the post-vibrato I/O channel on the amp itself or will the same thing happen? This ever happened to anyone else?

Thanks to anyone who can provide any insight.

Adam in Wisconsin
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