Continental II restoration

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Continental II restoration

Postby on Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:06 pm

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VOXs don't seem to get much bulletin board activity. So - since I'm starting a restoration of a Vox Continental II I'll post a few things.

Chris - perhaps you could indicate whether you want this sort of chat on this forum or whether you'd prefer that it be confined to direct questions? And - while I know this question is electronic, can it stay with the VOX subject area?

I'm from Australia. I've just imported a late 60s Vox Continental II from London. There doesn't seem to be many of these in Australia. But I'm new to this area of interest so I hope to be proven wrong. It didn't have a stand but I was fortunate to get an original US one that, with a bit of straightening, fitted perfectly.

My intention is to get it gig-able but not to make it appear new. So while I intend to change functional components so things work reliably I intend to leave the organ looking like a 40 year old veteran.

Continental Front View 9 09.jpg

When I got it the Eb and E notes did not sound at all. However, fiddling with the bias pots brought these back to life. There are issues with some of the drawbars and with the bass octave.

My first question relates to changing the 250 Ohm bias pots on the tone generators for 500 Ohm pots - the lowest value that seems still available at this through-hole size. Presumably this means that only half the rotational travel of the 500 Ohm trimmer is required. Is there any advantage in adding a fixed 500 Ohm resistor in parallel so that the full travel of the trimmer is useable? Or does the bias adjustment not need this precision?


Roughly plotting the resulting resistance values suggests that the first quarter turn of the pot represents 100 ohms in both cases. Where does the bias value normally sit? If it is below 100ohms then it's not worth doing.
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