ARP omni-2 repair

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ARP omni-2 repair

Postby on Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:27 pm

HI Greg,
PLEASE HELP! My name is Bill Wittmer and I am repairing an Omni-2 synth.
Here is the problem. All synth functions, bass keys, etc. work properly. The problems seem to be with the synthboard/string board. When the mix slider on synth board is moved to the right to mix in the string section, the entire output goes to zero. No matterwhat string voicing is selected ( bass, viola,etc.), there is no output, just silence. The LEDS do light , but that is all. I have replaced a few of the op-amps on the synth board and the CMOS quad switch chip on the input /output of the string board, but no results. I do have a service manual that I downloaded, but the schematics themselves are very illegible. Any help, hints, suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much - Bill Wittmer.
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