Arp Omni-2 Repair

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Arp Omni-2 Repair

Postby willyone1 on Thu Mar 11, 2010 1:54 pm

Greetings Fellow Techs ,
Please Help!! I am currently repairing an Arp omni-2. All bass keys operate. All Synth functions operate. The problem is that when the slider on the synth board is moved from synth to string section, the output goes to zero. When the string switches ( bass, violin, etc. ) are activated,
the LEDs' do turn on. I changed a few of the op-amps on the synth board that are known to be
problematic and one CMOS 4016 quad switch on the string board, but no luck. I have a feeling
that the problem may be on the bass board and/or mixing circuits Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Peace-with regards, Bill Wittmer
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