206a - No sound after disassembly

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206a - No sound after disassembly

Postby Juanbonham on Sun May 13, 2012 7:05 pm

Hello, i bought a 206a recently that was in pretty good shape overall, but the action was a bit sluggish compared to a 200a i had played in the past, so i decided to order some parts and videos from vintage vibe and dismantle the piano to re-lube the action centers and do any other recommended simple mechanical fixes. Everything went smoothly until i reassembled the piano and powered on. The light shines but i'm getting no sound from the speakers. When i power off, i can hear a faint pop in the speakers so i'm pretty sure they still work fine. The ground wires are the only things i can think of that i could have connected differently, but as far as i can tell from the blurry video and my own admittedly blurry memory, everything is connected fine, but of course i'm not 100% sure. I would GREATLY appreciate any help with solving this little problem. I'm ready to put the diy project behind me and start playing and recording with this thing! Many thanks in advance.
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