200 rebuild Kit success!!

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200 rebuild Kit success!!

Postby ajguba on Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:24 am

Fantastic! Took a few months to install the 200 rebuild kit + a power transistor fuse assembly, and 13-14 new resistors, fired it up,(a friends 206 :arrow: ) and instant Queen: 'Your My best Friend". I simply have to buy my own Wurli now. A million thanks to Vintage Vibe for assembling a product (the rebuild kit) which WORKS! The problem, the user of this unit prefers a line out. (It sounds amazing thru my single EV 12" using the 200 power amp, this piano has no internal speakers, AND IT GETS LOUD!!!)
Do I disable this great sounding power amp with the dummy load, or convince the user to use a speaker cab. AJ Guba
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