140B Amp Rebuild

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140B Amp Rebuild

Postby dbizzell on Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:23 am

Hi Greg,

I have a two part question here. First, I am trying to replace the larger 1 ohm resistors on the left hand side of the board but I'm not sure which direction they go. If I am looking at the board with the power outlet side closest to me, the original on the top from left to right is brown, black, gold, silver.
The new has brown, black, gold and then a thicker gold band. I am assuming the brown sides should match up? I have attached a photo for this one that should help.

Second part of my question is about the 3 red rectangular .82 MFDs that came with the kit. Do these have a polarity? Does it matter which direction they face? And if so which way is correct?

Thanks in advance.
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